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Hello,  Friends

       On this page you will find valuable FUND-RAISING information regarding the 
Party Palace and Entertainment One Rentals . We are very involved in our communities and would like to better our assistance in those of need . We recognize that time's can be economically tough for schools, Churches,  And some curricular activities such as base ball, Soccer, Dance, And other sports. We also understand people need help on a more personal level as well. Fund-Raising may be the only way to off set costs for displaced families due to natural disasters, Or for a family member with a serious illness . Regardless of your needs , WE WOULD LIKE TO HELP!

      Please check  our 2 very different fund-raisers we have to offer and send me an E-Mail with any ideas you may have !
     Hope you enjoyed your visit !

    The first and most desirable fund-raiser is our PARTY PALACE  FUND-RAISER. The reason being the most desirable because there is the least amount of prep and set up to be done.  With a flat ticket rate and a 50/50 split you can come in and just enjoy the event while our staff takes care of the rest. You can also hold your own raffle or bake sale to increase your profits of this event. Your main responsibility will be  to sell the tickets to this event in advance SORRY NO DAY OF Ticket Sales due to our regular admission fee. The people who purchased the tickets in advanced would provide their stub at the door and they will receive  a wrist band  for your  event. 

   The second favorite is the ENTERTAINMENT ONE RENTALS  out door fund-raiser or carnival style! With this specific fund-raiser we would need a great deal of time to organize this event. This type of fund-raiser is best in early spring or late fall due to availability of our out door rental equipment. With this type of fund-raiser we would be donating some of our inflatable's items, Carnival games, And food vending machines in place of a rental fee with a ticket split of 60/40% , You getting 40%. You would be responsible for this entire event, We would not  staff this event. You would choose your venue and volunteers. Tickets would be sold per ride /game/vending much like a carnival. This is a lot of  hard work but a lot of fun, And could have a massive turn out if advertised well. Plus you can also have a donation box or bake sale, Raffle, Face painting and more..... The opportunities are endless on how you can earn money for your cause!

I have found both these types of fund-raisers to be a great success! Hope to hear from you soon.
Please contact me with any question or additional information.

SCHOOLS: We also do  fun Tye dye making field trips for students!

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